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  • Application Process

    Online Application


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    Choose a Path Forward


    Choose One:

    1. Conduct a live interview + 10 min demo lesson (Best Option)

    2. Record a 10 min demo lesson

    3. Record a 3min "express" demo lesson

    4. Attend a "coaching day" with teachers in your area

    Get Certified


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    Get certified in one or more categories to begin teaching students

    Obtaining certifications increases the number of students you can teach.

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  • Requirements

    Bachelor's degree


    Have a bachelor's degree in any subject.

    Current students should only upload transcripts / diplomas after


    Flexible 1yr experience


    Apply if you're good with kids and tell us how!

    1 year of flexible experience with kids and teaching.

    Tutoring, teaching your kids, volunteering, or mentoring are great examples.


    Legally able to work in the USA or Canada


    Be legally eligible to work in the United States or Canada.

    Legally able to work in the USA or Canada


    Everyone has 1+ years of experience teaching kids

    Even informal experience counts!

    • "I taught 8-year-olds kids after school"
    • "I volunteer for in-school programs."
    • "I taught kids the ABC's while their parents were at work."

    Graduating Seniors have a Bachelor's degree

    You can upload docs, sign your contract, and begin teaching once you graduate!


    Entered the wrong information?

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    Travel the world or teach from home!

  • Interview and Demo

    Advice and Insights

    Don't worry - Very few pass the first time!


    Watch expert videos

    After submitting the online application, research by watching the videos below!




    Make sure you're ready

    Ensure your background is exciting, your incentives are fun, and your internet connection is strong.


    Students learn by repetition

    Make sure all key vocab words are repeated at least 3x times! Correct errors in grammar or phonics quickly and ensure students say the words correctly.


    Add Energy and Clapping!

    Make sure you SMILE way more than you think is natural! Engage the student and enjoy teaching them.


    No one passes the first time!

    Incorporate the feedback from the first interview or demo into a strong second or third try!

  • Research

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    Learn TPR

    Intro to level 1

    High Energy and Smile!


    Sample Class

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